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Inktober it's pretty much the best thing I could have ever try, if it made me draw again that thing can make you do anything. People should try it more often.

anyway, sorta feel like I should update ya pleps on what I am up to, first of all, I am working on two games(both just by myself lol so that pretty much dooms the whole thing hue) first is a visual novel, which I am actually learning some stuff I can use at work sooo, it kinda helps me out with some serious IRL stuff, the other one is just your basic RPGMaker game, which is pretty much something I have always been doing since highschool... both games are based on the same story, I am just testing waters to see in which one I should invest more time developing it, eventually I'll put it on so people can enjoy it for free or whatever you feel like.

The story in a few words, several stories of characters based on the 13 zodiac constellations(yes I am including ophiuchus) intersect with each other, all characters are based on a myth related to their constellation, for example Leo story will be slighty based on Heracles 12 labors, Scorpio and Cancer will have the task of killing Leo, orders from a certain goddess, ok, pretty much a character based on Hera, and stuff like that, the story being full of 'what-if' scenarios it made sense to make it a visual novel, but since I wanted to have some sort of battle system, that ended up being too much like playing an old school RPG, I thought it would make much more sense to make it a story driven RPG, sooo yeah, that's where I am now.

So, next stuff I'll upload will be bunch of designs for the characters, as of now I have uploaded Ophiuchus, Gemini and Pisces already, welp, at least sketches and such, no final designs yet.

Anyway... that's pretty much it for today, let's see how many years it take to actually make something from what I just wrote, have a cold one, enjoy and stuff!
I'll be back... this september.... I will be back... AFTER TWO FREAKING YEARS, three if you count this journal entry!

Hi pretty people, is DA still a thing?? I dunno, anyway, I am sort of back, I have been getting a lot more knowledge with my developer skills than my artistic skills, but it's not like both can be put together, hopefully I'll be sharing more stuff regarding these new projects I am working on, as of now, prepare yourselves, New Myth Story is coming your way, at least early sketches and drafts for now :v

Saluditos and Cheers!
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Well..... I guess people put some letters here.... so I will....

Welcome to my little gallery of doom, the homeplace for my "art" anyway... check out, and if you like it, watch me!! if you don't.... Die!! or whatever.....

:bulletblue: --------- NEWS --------- :bulletblue:

Bueno, como han estado? :V

Yay is it me Moska *ala mario*
Bueno, nomas promocionando una galleria que recientemente abrio sus puertas, yo le aconseje hacerlo, ya que en DA aprendi mucho con respecto al coloreado y entintado digital entre otras cosas, conoci gente chida y buena onda, que aunke ya no me paso tanto por aka aun recuerdo y extraño ;-;

wueno wueno, ya me toy poniendo muy sentimental >>
si, he dibujado ultimamente, pero enserio, el haber dejado de hacerlo me oxido, y batallo algo para poder dibujar como kiero, asi ke, no hay mucho material con el ke trabajar, aunke ps, por obvias razones me he sentido con algunas ganas de, ahora si, retomar DA

Asi que, si pueden hacerme el favor de darle la bienvenida, ver sus trabajos, dibujos y cosplays, me harian un favorsototote o.o


ahi esta o.o
es la cuenta de mi novia, quien recientemente comenzo la carrera de diseño grafico, asi que le sugeri abrir una cuenta aki para ke, como yo, pueda ir evolucionando su estilo y mejorando cada vez mas, de cierto modo te motivas mas, al menos a mi me pasaba o.o

por mi parte estare escondido en las sombras comiendome empanaditas de cajeta con un vaso de leche, mientras intento de una vez por todas dibujar algo, aunke saben ke? al demonio, subire algo, por mas kaka ke este -.-

en fin, se lo cuidan, y ahi se ven ;)

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Well..... I guess people put some letters here.... so I will....

Welcome to my little gallery of doom, the homeplace for my "art" anyway... check out, and if you like it, watch me!! if you don't.... Die!! or whatever.....

:bulletblue: --------- NEWS --------- :bulletblue:

Yay! I actually get :iconmissgrave:'s Kiriban, So I am pretty happy right now xD

I was featured in :iconnekomarina:'s journal, so I have to do the same thing here

The first 10 deviants who post in this journal will be featured. I will go though your gallery and choose 3 of your deviations I like the most and post them in my journal for everyone to see!

The catch?

You have to put this in your journal as well if you posted!


But I don't have subscription, so I think that I can only put the links isnt it? oh well

I will give 5 free sketches... just pure ink... well I don't think someones care about it... anyway....

(1).- :iconslader: Done!!
(2).- :iconwingzemonx:
(3).- :icondunames-valkyrie:
(4).- :iconnekomarina:
(5).- :iconkelloth:

see yaaaaa

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Well..... I guess people put some letters here.... so I will....

Welcome to my little gallery of doom, the homeplace for my "art" anyway... check out, and if you like it, watch me!! if you don't.... Die!! or whatever.....

:bulletblue: --------- NEWS --------- :bulletblue:

Eso es lo que me pregunto, despues de ver la mejor pelicula de toda la epoca, simplemente genial, voy llegando del cine y no me canso de seguir recordando lo cabrona que esta(perdonen la expresion) este Joker, simplemente se la rifo, me recordo a K'sid hahahaha, veanla, veanla, veanla, yo la volvere a ver dentro de unas cuantas horas  hahahaaha, genial, genial, tengo ganas de dibujar al Joker, y preguntarle a todos, porque tan serios???

Batman The Dark Night, a must watch!!

I will give 5 free sketches... just pure ink... well I don't think someones care about it... anyway....

(1).- :iconslader: Done!!
(2).- :iconwingzemonx:
(3).- :icondunames-valkyrie:

see yaaaaa

mmmmm  como sea... se lo cuidan, a ver si alguien se interesa.....

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Well..... I guess people put some letters here.... so I will....

Welcome to my little gallery of doom, the homeplace for my "art" anyway... check out, and if you like it, watch me!! if you don't.... Die!! or whatever.....

:bulletblue: --------- NEWS --------- :bulletblue:

Sorry no English... this is a lot of crap in letters, that's the why!!

Al Diablo con la inspiracion... en fin... ultimamente no he dibujado mucho, mucho menos coloreado, sabra, me da hueva XD... de perdida hice algo, estoy planeando algo asi como un capitulo muestra de Slash, una mision simple y sin sentido, bueno nomas para introducir algunas cosas que usare despues en la historia, creo que despues de ver los capitulos pilotos de Embalming me dieron ganas de hacer algo asi, no explicar mucho y a la vez explicar mucho, espero se me entienda, bueno como no tengo nada mejor ke hacer voy a escribir mas o menos de que se tratara, y pos ahi ven ke tan bien va....

Turururururu *Musikita de fondo*

La historia comienza con diversos avistamientos de infecciones causadas por el DV (Dao Vita, un virus raro, ke tengo la explicacion de ke y porque hace pero no la escribire aki...) en la arida region de Zefa, El miembro nº 7345 es Enviado al lugar a investigar, su nombre es Keitaro, al llegar al lugar se ve desolado, sin embargo es atacado por creaturas infectadas, Kei logra exterminarlas, sin embargo ve a una joven huyendo de esas creaturas, Kei la salva, pero tambien la mantiene al margen, aparentemente no estaba infectada, Ella le muestra su escondite, la chica llamada Joanna explica que hace tres dias que su hermano salio junto a un grupo de sobrevivientes para buscar ayuda, sin embargo las creaturas encontraron su antigo escondite y atacaron a todos aquellos que no se encontraban infectados, ella logro escapar, Joanna le pide ayuda a Kei para buscar a su hermano, el se niega, probablemente ya estara muerto, ella implora por su ayuda, Kei accesede, diciendole que solo encontrara decepcion, sin embargo Kei sabia que algo no estaba bien en esa situacion, algo le parecia muy extraño, Kei intentaba terminar la buskeda lo mas pronto posible, no queria tener que hacer alguna "maniobra innecesaria", sin embargo varias creaturas lo rodean, Kei intenta defender a Joanna, sin embargo las creaturas lo superan en numero, pero por una extraña razon las creaturas comienzan a correr, el cadaver de una cae frente a ellos, el DV de la creatura comienza a ser absorvido por otra de mayor tamaño, era un EDV (Expletus Dao Vita) Kei comienza a combatirlo, sin embargo no puede derrotarlo, tienen que huir, es su huida son salvados por el hermano de Joanna, gracias a el encuentran refugio perdiendo de vista al EDV, ya en tranquilidad, el hermano de Joanna, Simons, explica como su pueblo fue debastado, todo fue culpa de Alexio, presidente de los laboratorios de BEDD ( aun no pienso bien el porque, pero Simons le tiene gran odio a Alexio por sea lo que sea que haya hecho, bueno, mas bien con ke los haya engañado para probar el DV en los habitantes) Kei comprende la situacion y deduce que esta pasando ahi... sin embargo esto lo hace en su pensamiento, finalmente al no haber mas sobrevivientes deciden abandonar el pueblo, pero antes Kei pide refuerzos e intenta detener al EDV, tenia un plan( el cual tambien tengo ke desarrollar mejor...) finalmente derrota al EDV, y en ese momento Simons comienza a absorber el resto del EDV, Kei lo supo desde el momento que encontro a Joanna, algo estaba mal, que solo habian solicitado su ayuda para exterminar al EDV y asi Simons pudiera absorverlo para poder igualar su poder al de Alexio, ya habia hecho eso tres veces antes, y habia matado a los exterminadores enviados al pueblo, Kei sabia que Joanna lo habia ayudado para engañar a los demas exterminadores, la miro con lastima, Kei comienza a pelear con el, despues de una dura batalla Kei logra derrotarle, aun agonizando Simons ruega por misericordia, diciendo que Kei no entendia por lo que los habitantes habian pasado, el horror de ver como poco a poco cada uno moria, las creaturas con el DV se estaban acercando, podian sentir el EDV emanando de Simons, Joanna miro a su hermano, no podia dejarlo ahi, Kei simplemente le advirtio ke si se acercaba simplemente seria infectada por el, la mataria, ella no pudo contenerse, Kei se puso entre los hermanos, Simons lo ataco, con el DV sobre Kei no tuvo mas remedio que usar su Ojo derecho, el cual tiene al anti virus dentro, el EDV y las creaturas al rededor fueron absorbidas por el ojo derecho de Kei... esto lo dejo casi muerto, Kei tiene dificultades para mantenerse de pie, Joanna va y lo sostiene, Kei simplemente la hace a un lado, considerandola una traidora, y se deja caer al piso, Kei despierta en la base de Forgana de los laboratorios de Kensyo corp. a su lado esta Geen, quien le explica lo que habia sucedido despues de que los refuerzos llegaron y como Joanna se ofrecio para ayudar en cualquier aspecto con respecto al extraño caso de su hermano, quien era un humano con la capasidad de soportar el DV y absorverlo, su ayuda pudo revelar ciertas incognitas, Kei pienso que ella no era como su hermano, ella solo queria estar con el, su inocensia la cego, pensando que su hermano estaba haciendolo por justicia, sin embargo era una simple excusa para hacer sufrir a otros lo que el sufrio, su venganza, su justicia, no era mas que simple locura, Kei y Geen dejan la habitacion, Kei pregunta cual es la siguiente mision, Geen permanece en silencio un momento, le dice que deberia descansar.... Fin.... supongo

Diablos, no pense ke fuera a salir tanto... en fin... ahi esta, quien lo lea, muchas gracias, opiniones bienvenidas, intentare hacer el diseño de los personajes, escenarios, y todo eso, intentare de hacerlo todo en unas 40 hojas, con portada a color, depende del interes que vea lo terminare supongo... y depende del humor que traiga <_<.... espero poder terminarlo para la convencion de la ciudad, no es por nada pero si lo termino como yo kiero, creo ke podre ganar el primer lugar xP... que soberbio... en fin... se cuidan, traigo ganas de tomar algo fuerte -w-.... See'ya!!!

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Tagueado por :iconkatrina-madd:

nomas que lo agarre en espanish from :icondunames-valkyrie: nwn

Escoge a tres de tus personajes y has que contesten estas preguntas.

1-Que edad tienes?
Dana: 20... y aun soltera D:
Kaz: 16 personita que pregunta :P
Korsvak: 35...

2-Que tan alto eres?
Dana: 1.60 y algo =x
Kaz: no tengo que responder eso ¬¬
Korsvak: 1.82 m

Dana: Un hermano medio tonto llamado Riu, mis padres murieron hace unos años...
Kaz: Solo de recordarlo comienza a doler todo mi cuerpo... por cierto deja de mirarme tanto ¬¬
Korsvak: Mi esposa Hilda y mi hija Fhamber

4-Amas a alguien?
Dana: Kei-san!!! *///*
Kaz: .... que es amar?? u_u
Korsvak: A mi familia...

5-Odias a alguien?
Dana: No la odio, solo que no entiendo a Geen, me apuñalo por la espalda... soliamos ser tan buenas amigas u_u (Geen: asi no fue!! esta cambiando las cosas ò.ó!!!)
Kaz: a Khlaw por lo que me hizo en el pasado... a Chuck por pervertido -.- y a Aijoh por ser un asesino ¬¬ (Aijoh: ya te lo dije no soy un asesino!! Chuck: bueno... uno no puede negar lo ke es xD )
Korsvak: No...

6-Color favorito?
Dana: ahh, dificil... creo que morado... pero tambien me gusta el azul D: y el color vino >:
Kaz: Me gustan los colores de Zevphort ^^ es tan lindo *o* (el Pteranodonte)
Korsvak: Cafe...

7-Quien es tu rival?
Dana: Geen!!!!! (Geen: ò.o... Dana ya tranquilizate...) Noooo
Kaz: mmm, los vaqueritos, los desalmados y el tipo raro escamoso -.-
Korsvak: No tengo rival alguno... sin embargo mi aprendiz Girfred me ve como su mentor y rival... quizas eso cuenta...

8-Algun poder especial?
Dana: wueno... kizas... etto... soy muy habil con las espadas =D mas que Kei, pero no se lo digan porque si no me va a odiar D: si de por si u_u
Kaz: pues dicen que vengo de una raza del cielo ò.o no se si eso cuente -.-
Korsvak: Puedo transformar mi cuerpo en el de una horrenda criatura, no me siento orgullso de ello, pero ordenes son ordenes

9- Arma?
Dana: jojo, Espadas, muchas espadas B) usaba 6, pero con eso de que la tecnologia avanza, ahora uso mi super util mango magnetico, y shuun, puedo formar una espada a mi antojo BD *power*
Kaz: ehh... pues.. tengo una garra de halcon en mi pierna derecha <.<
Korsvak: Escopeta...

10- Si estuvieras en un grave peligro, quien estaría a tu lado para ayudarte?
Dana: Kei-sama n///n (Kei: sigue soñando ¬¬ )
Kaz: con Zevphort por supuesto!!!
Korsvak: Girfred o Min, Rom solo haria peor la situacion...

11-Cuando es tu cumpleaños?
Dana: 24 de marzo, espero regalos :P
Kaz: 14 de abril... en calendario terreste :P
Korsvak: 19 de enero...

12-Persona favorita?
Dana: KEI-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!! *////*
Kaz: persona ninguna -.- pero Zevphort es mi dinosaurio favorito *-*
Korsvak: Hilda

13- Ahora... sabiendo que el 13 es un numero de mala suerte... escoge tres desafortunados o mas.

D: posh kien kiera xP

Hey, new thingy Now!!

Comic page
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Well, just a simple journal updating, yeah yeah, nothing to sumit yet <_<, but o well, I have a new hard disk so lets rock a little! School has been ok, tests and exams and a lot of homework, investigation, expotitions, conferences and stuff... but oh well in three and a half years I will be missing all that stuff, anyway, look at that Gir, new pencils, ink and stuff! well, that's right, I have bought another ink-thingy pencil... you know what I mean don'cha? and well with that I will  make some drawings, I know that I don't have the cleanest lineart in the world, even from my own house <_< but well, that isn't something bad at all, I want to finish everything this semester soo, I won't be so active... I haven't been so active... sorry bout dat, anyway... I don't know what else to say... o  yeah... this tag, I found it interesting, and yeah what the hell I wont lie, I don't want to do a thing right now -.-  so I will murder some time o.o

Stolen!!!! from :icondreamwolvie:


Not as easy as you might think...

1. Yourself: complicate
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: incomprehensible
3. Your hair: Medium
4. Your mother/stepmother: Nice
5. Your father/stepfather: Funny
6. Your favorite item: Guitar
7. Your dream last night: Weird
8. Your favorite drink: Water
9. Your dream car: Mustang
10. The room you are in: Empty
11. Your Ex: nah
12. Your fear: Mistakes
13. What you want to be in 10 years: Musician
14. Who you hung out with last night: none
15. What you're not: Common
16. Muffins: Milk?
17: One of your wish list items: Amp
18: Time: Quick
19. The last thing you did: Sigh
20. What you are wearing: Black
21. Your favorite weather: Winter
22. Your favorite book: Bible
23. The last thing you ate: Chicken
24. Your life: Pretty
25. Your mood: excited
26. Your best friend: Squirrel
27. What are you thinking about right now?: Nilfheim
28. Your car: Blazer
29. What are you doing at the moment?: Typing
30. Your summer: Hot
31. Your relationship status: Unknow...
32. What is on your TV?: Baseball
33. What is the weather like?: Coldy
34. When is the last time you laughed?: Evening

luv everyone!
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well... not really... but I have some... annoying neck... ehh... disease >_>

well... my neck hurts a LOT... is soo annoying... I can't rotate my head X___x it hurts when a look in some direction... I always walk straight... so is nothing that have to do with my posture... pluss... I have fluuuu X_x this strange weather is killing me... in the morning is humid and coldy... but in the noon, holy fuuk!! is a HELL!! O_o like 42 Cº.... pretty hot... so it isn't only my neck and the flu... I have fever too -.-....

pretty hella week... exams... neck... flu... fever... and my guitar strings got all oxided because of the humid weather ¬¬

and just to finish this annoying pain of existence... someweird virus got my hard drive killed!! these stupids cafe's viruses ¬¬ and all my drawings said goodbye!! with all my precious music!! and proyects of myself ToT... the music isnt a big deal... neither the drawings... but the fact that I colored them in photoshop and now the files are gooonee!! T_T too the other stuff Dx!!

i'm goona get crazy like a cow T-T

well... it can't be helped... i just will wait this weekend and see if things get a bit better T-T

anyway... cheers to everyone (=
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Stole it from: :iconkatrina-madd:

1. What is your character's name?

2. What is your character's name in another language?
...ehhmm... I don't know... but it sounds like Jean... so...

3. How old is he/she?
20 years

4. What is your character's race/species?
Human... female

5. Do they have a crush?
with Kei... sadly with Kei... her team mate

6. Do they have many friends?
well... I guess... some... she is well know by some people... so...

7. What planet is your character from?
Earth... she is from the Forghana region

8. Does your character like to eat?
Yes, she likes bittersweets meals

9. What's his/her favorite food?
She likes everything... its the kind of person who dosen't like to waste food just because it taste "funny"(that's what she said)

10. What's his/sher favorite drink?
ice tea or lemonade... one of those

11. Is your character annoying?
she is pretty insecure... and that annoys Kei a lot... but just him -.-

13. Is your character loved?
Hell yeah... she is that kind of girl... who everyone loves, but noone can have... haa... stupid Kei, he dosent care about her -.- ... well just a bit

14. Is your character hated?
Yes... well... i don't know if it is hate... but that Dana girl can't stand her neither Geen...

15. Is he/she emo/goth?
Nope... she is kindly hippie...

16. Is he/she straight, bisexual, or gay?
she is normal -.-

17. Is he/she a virgin?
by the beggining of the story... yes...

18. Name 3 hobbies

1- Reading
2- Archery
3- Cook

19. Is your character normal?
yes... most time...

20. Is your character attractive?
well... she isnt that pretty pretty pretty... but some friends... including two girls... said: "she is hot"  O_o

21. How does your character handle emotions?
she dosen't tell a thing, but later she explotes... and that... is bad

22. Does your character have other forms?
ehhh... well she changes her bio-bow

23. Does your character overreact?

24. Is your character a criminal?
well... because of her misions... sometimes

25. Does your character go to school?
nope... but she is pretty intelligent

26. What's his/her IQ?
around 150

27. Does your character have a disease/curse?
She is Blind... but later she regains her sight

28. Is your character dead?
emm... undead you mean?? ... well no...

29. Does your character have a family?
her parents... but, they are killed by BEDD corp.

30. Has he/she encountered any tragic times in life?

31. What's the best time in your character's life?
when Kei says he loves her... but that can be the saddest one too... you will find out why...

32. If you could name 1 friend, which would you relate to your character?
Mmh... well... she is like a mixture of some female friends that I know...

33. Is your character single?
yes she is...

34. Has he/she developed any relationships?
yes with Kei... but after one inccident, she is more closer to Jasak...

35. Does he/she have an element?
yes... wind... but it is more like... lighting and stormy things

36. Do you role-play your character?
ehhh... I think i cant.... and i wont...

37. Do you write about your character?
well... she is a main character... so she must be pretty well done... so I write a lot about her story, abilitys, and stuff...

38. Does your character have a bad temper at times?
nope... she is pretty calm

39. Does your character get depressed?
sometimes... because of her sight... and because of her lack of will... and because of Kei... that stupid jerk -.-

40. What's your characters favorite animal?

41. Does your character have any fears?
yes... she fears to be alone

42. Does your character have any weaknesses?
yes... she is blind... she isn't so strong... she is sooo inocent...

43. Does your character look up to anyone?
yes... to Kei... to Jasak... and to Axel.... they are her team mates

44. Does your character like music?
she likes to sing... more than the music itself... that's what i don't like of her -.-

45. What's your character's favorite type of music?
dosen't have one

46. Is he/she impatient?

47. What's something funny about your character?
well... I can't recall something funny about her... Jasak it's the joke guy in the team <.< sooo

48. Nicknames?
useless blind.... by Kei....

49. Does your character curse?
nope... never in her life

50. This test is over, what does your character have to say?
Geen: "that was a hard test... now i wanna sleep" u.u
MoSk4: "yeah... hella hard.... I wanna eat some sugar" -.-

see'ya around people, kisses x)
jeje chale chale conmigo :C

Ya quiero volver a subir cosas D:

bien hechas cuando menos <.<
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Well..... I guess people put some letters here.... so I will....

Welcome to my little gallery of doom, the homeplace for my "art" anyway... check out, and if you like it, watch me!! if you don't.... Die!! or whatever.....

:bulletblue: -NEWS- :bulletblue:

:sing: I can't acknowledge that individual; That reflection in the mirror is not my Own :sing:

Bueno bueno, hace un año un pequeño niño mosca entro a una pagina llamada deviant art, no recuerda el porque <.<, pero de algun modo entro... en su cabeza paso la idea de "oh, voy a hacer una cuenta" :B, y eso fue todo........................................ hace un año que comence con esta galeria y pos, me ha servido mucho, si fuera mas humano diria que me sirvio para conocer mucha gente agradable y wonita C: , pero lo vere desde un lado mas artistico BD y me sirvio para mejorar, un poco, pero mejorar en si, digo, gracias a DA intente el coloreado digital, el cual hasta ayer me parecia y divertido y tedioso, ahora solo divertido (Dios bendiga los tutoriales de verdad... y a sus autores tambien <.<) y cosas de esas, en fin, un año paso y aun no me muero, veremos que ondas con otro año en DA (:

:bulletpurple: Feature :bulletpurple:
well :icondunames-valkyrie: featured me in her journal, so, i will do the same, i will feature people who watch me, comments on my art or drew stuff for me, like charas and stuff... ok, if you want feature some people to, let's make everyone gallery a little more know :>

her art it's awsum, pretty nice and creative characters, her work with pencil colors is pretty good, plus she is a bassist and a goat!!! :headbang:………

pretty nice artist, her art really hits me, I identify myself with her drawings, a daydreamer and a legend of zelda fan :>………

A nice dude, he does a pretty good job with watercolors and stuff, he has great character desings too!!………

Her gallery has a lot of cute drawing :D cute characters, great use of the pencil colors, and the first and official fan of my chara K'sid on DA xD………

Awsum artist, his drawings are excellents, great desing, nice coloring, a lot of creativity, and pretty funny and hilarious drawings too xD………

well I thinks that covers the task o.o

Y me despido por un rato siendo este el ultimo journal en un buen rato, el motivo es que me cortan el internet :< no por exceso de pago, sino que ya enfado el cable y el internet es de la misma compañia, asi que adios cable e internet :< como recordatorio un pequeño listado de las cosas que debo y un comentario con respecto al progreso

Things I debt
*Kiriban to :iconhateneedled: (ya tengo el sketch, y no manches, en serio que amo el resultado, ojala le guste a Hateneedled como ami, porque la armadura, sin siquiera drogarme quedo bien asesina owo)
*request to :iconsiliceb: (este lo volvi a hacer, por motivos de estilo, ya que lo tenia casi terminado, pero preferi hacerlo con las nuevas tecnicas de pintado y eso)
*request to :iconlittle-puppy: (en serio que lo que me pidio no es batalloso pero quiero hacerla bien, tengo algunas ideas en mente, espero que le gusten :aww: )

creo que esas son todas, si no, me avisa al que le deba algo <.< oks, un año mas, chin, no debi de ir por esos dogos, comence este journal a las 8:00... sali a cenar y ya son las 12:00 O_o (al menos aki en hermosillo lo son <.< ) tecnicamente ya tengo un año y escasos minutos en DA, lo cual es wueno x)

Me despido, besitos y a ver cuando vuelvo a subir cosas, de perdis subir algo antes de desaparecer por un tiempo xD Adiosito y se cuidan :wave:

:bulletpurple: Something Something
Well I asked :icongabbygee: to make me a little drawing... and the rules were do the same.

The first 10 persons who comment on this journal will get a free drawing by me....(yeah... what a nice thing to get, don't you think xD).

But in order to participate and get the draw, you must copy and paste this text on your journal, and give 10 free pics to whoever asks as well(well do it if you want, but anyway ask me for something!!!)

1.:icondreamwolvie: Link Sheikan - 100%
2. :icondunames-valkyrie: Her character Lexa - 100%
3. :iconsiliceb: Her character Marvolo - 95.452345%
4. :iconslader: His character Zev and his Owl - 100%
5. :iconlittle-puppy: a singing carrot - 40-234324%

:bulletred: I accept art trades, I will draw most things, just ask me!!!

:iconkatrina-madd: Her shaman companion - 100%

I will color themxD

I'm going to take my dont hit me if I don't finish them soon

well you can ask me for anything you like, I will do my best... look at my gallery and get the idea...


waaahhhh la cosa de la entrevista borro lo ke tenia aki @_@!!!! luego lo vuelvo a escribir -.-